Thursday, 10 November 2016

Term 4, Week 5

We had Athletics today and I came second in the relay!  My baby sister came with me and I had sushi for lunch.  I am excited for the field trip next week because we get to see the plants.  We will get to raise our own herbs and plants.  I had fun this week!

By Amera

We did Athletics and we had maths and we had a play after lunch.  I had an ice block today.  The ice block was yummy!  When I was running at Athletics, I ran fast.  When I threw the hoop, everybody kept catching them.  Sometimes I lost.  We were jumping in the sand pit and we jumped on the mat.  I I jumped really high.  We are doing publishing.  We do our writing with blue pen and after that we draw a picture.  We are writing about 'The Wheat Field.'  We are learning to find words with the same meanings.  Those are called synonyms.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Term 4, Weeks 2-4

We have been doing writing, maths and handwriting.  We did phonics and we were doing reading.  We are going on a field trip to the Gardens to look at plants.  We are doing this for our Inquiry Learning.  We are having Athletics Day next Friday and we are practising things we can't do yet.  We are doing high jump, gumboot toss, pool noodle javelin and others.  We had special soccer lessons.  We kicked the ball in the goal.  We did a different game after.  It was fun!

By Matthew W

We have been doing reading and when you're with the teachers you have to read books.  Spelling practice is for reading and for writing.  In Maori we did an activity where we get the body part name and cut them out and glue them on a picture of us.  We use a vivid and draw an arrow to where on our body the word is.  A man who doesn't work at Hillpark came to teach soccer.  He put a thing around the field connected to the goals.  You are in teams and sometimes he tries to get the ball from you too.  We are having Athletics practise.  My favourite is the hurdles.  We also have pool noodle toss, gumboot toss, high jump, which is also one of my favourites.  The last two weeks were good.

By Joshua

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Term 4, Week 1

Today I did oral language.  I talked about my trophy that I got at rugby.  We went to the library and most of the class got some books.  We did some spelling.  I think I did good.  We did maths and we did a new skip-counting game, and then we had morning tea.  Mrs Gracie came in and we got to do some art, and then we had lunch.  We had teacher read.  We are reading James and the Giant Peach.  Then we did reading and then we did some writing.  After the writing we are going to clean up and then it's going to be home time.  We might have enough time and we might play "I have, Who has."  It's a game where you have words and cards has "I have the first card, who has 'something.'"  The last card says "I have something,' it's the end of the game."  If we still have enough time we can maybe play Cheese on Toast or we might play 21.  It was a fun week and it was a busy week!

By Kayla

We went to the school garden.  We saw the worm house.  There are worms, straw, soil and food inside.  We went to the red room and I did Cool Maths Games.  I worked hard this week!

By Eric

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Term 3, Weeks 7-9

Yesterday we had Footsteps at Manurewa Intermediate.  It was fun there because we got to dance.  We danced in front of our parents.  My partner was Mathew J.  My favourite song was Ghostbusters.  Today is the last day of school before the holidays.  My mum said next week I will be going to the pools with my cousins because we didn't go anywhere for my birthday.  I am looking forward to the holidays!

By Amera

At Footsteps we were going to do Ghostbusters and we did Proud Mary and Juicy Wiggle and Hot Wings.  We were making spider webs for art.  Mine had a spiral and it had light green, gray, red, dark green, purple, pink and light orange.  It was a fun week!

By DeVos

The last couple of weeks we made a dance with Laura.  Room 6, 10 and 11 were there with us.  There were a lot of people there last night.  We had to dress up in shiny clothes.  I did bonds up to 20 for maths and it was easy.  In writing we described the places, rules and things to do at Hillpark.  In the Olympic books people got some papers and they had to draw a picture on them.  We made a book.  My group was for Rugby Sevens.  This was a busy week!

By Sharnia

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Term 3, Week 6

Today was the Poetry Recital.  Katelyn and Kayla went up on stage and did a poem.  It was cool!  The other day at dance we did the song Ghostbusters.  I had fun.  I am looking forward to the weekend because I will be going home to sleep!

By Jackson

Today we had the Poetry Recital.  Katty and Kayla went up to share the poem.  We made two kinds of Father's Day cards.  We made birds with Mrs Gracie.  We made them and they are up showing around the room.  They look really coloured-in.  It was a good week!

By Risha

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Term 3, Week 5

We were learning about shapes today.  We were colouring on the paper and then cutting them and then making them 3D.  We had fun with it.  I liked colouring them in and cutting it, but I am still in the colouring part.  At reading time, the Dogs had spelling.  I was practicing with Tawhiri and Risha.  After spelling we went to the computers.  I like playing on the computers and doing spelling.  We made milkshakes with Mrs Malcolm in reading.  They were good!  It was a hard week!

By Shaurya

Yesterday we had Footsteps and we did three songs we had done and we played a game.  Today is a mufti day and we got to have a sausage sizzle.  We are getting money for people who have cancer.  We were going to have buddy class, but they were busy and we were busy too.  We worked on our yearbook page.  I talked about what I would do if I had a million dollars.  I am looking forward to this weekend because my friend might have a play date with me tomorrow!

By Katty

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Term 3, Week 4

Today it was fun doing maths because I liked how we did the oblongs and learnt about 3D and 4D shapes.  It was great.  It was fun because I learnt from it and it's also good because I can share this news with my brother so be could become even smarter and more intelligent.  Yesterday Ra'ad was in the room with us because he had no teacher.  He had to choose classes, and he chose our class.  It was great having him in my class because he drew lots of cool ninja pictures.  In writing we went to Mr Mahler and after that we had the choice of doing QuickWrite, computers or writing games.  It was really fun.  At the end of the day we were shown what was in the Magenta Box, Red Box and Blue Box.  The Blue Box has games for warm-ups for reading and writing.  In the Red Box there we lots of fun games.  I liked the CVC game in there because it looks fun.  Those games are for 2-3 players.  If you get left behind, you can always trust the Magenta Box because it has lots of 1 player games.  It was also fun because I also liked the Blue Box, because when we warm up it's cool because it's really really fun and I liked it.  This was a good week and it was also a great week!

By Dodi